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Sell Quickly

Consider your options for quickly selling your home…

Listing your house with a real estate agent is not necessarily going to create a quick sale. When they list your house they usually want a 6 month term for their listing contract. That might not work for your situation.

Your next option is to try selling it yourself. The disadvantage here is that you probably don’t have a well-oiled marketing machine (like we do), and you probably don’t know how to properly screen the buyers. We do.

In both cases your home sale will be slowed down if you’re focused only on fully qualified buyers, who can get a mortgage today. They’re in the minority. Worse, once you find a buyer, even after you have a signed contract with them, they’ll want to take 30 days to go get a bank loan. For you that’s a whole month of nail biting and living with the question of whether they’re going to get approved for financing.

Here’s why I can buy quickly

We are a real estate investing company. We buy properties with creative terms (like: seller financing, taking over your monthly payments, lease option or straight option. You don’t need to know what any of those terms mean. I can explain it on the phone. Give me a call).

All of these methods do not require me to go to the bank to get a mortgage… so that time delay is gone. And I’m not listing your house to try to put it on the market—I’m purchasing your house. I’m taking over your debt responsibility right away, not to mention I’ll be responsible for any repairs.

Now here is the beauty of it

The reason I can come in and take over your debt so quickly is because (in most cases) I’m not going to turn around and try to find a buyer who needs to get bank financing right now.  Mortgage-qualified buyers are in the minority.

Instead once I have your home under contract, I focus on finding buyers who can afford to buy your house, but who the banks don’t want to deal with (at this time) due to the bank’s strict credit requirements.  They’re credit challenged. People like this are the majority of would-be home owners now.

After you approve them, I install the tenant buyer in the house on a rent to own basis, also called a lease purchase. They’re going to have a lease agreement that gives them the right to live in the house. They’re going to be making a rent payment which will cover your mortgage payment.

Sometimes I’ll be making your payments myself, other times you’ll be directly contracted with the tenant buyer that I find and who you approve. It depends on the situation.

The tenant buyer is not just a renter. They have a financial stake in your house and the full intention to buy it… once their credit is strong enough to get traditional financing, and cash you out.

Give me a call now to go over these options.  703-745-0021 (24 hour info line)