About Me

My name is Michael Griesmer and I have been studying real estate investing for a long time… it’s been a passion of mine for quite a MG Social Network Pic 7few years. I’ve read dozens of books, literally. And attended numerous classes as well. I’ve spent many thousands of dollars getting my education. And yet…

Real estate investing has been a passion of mine but I did all this training part-time while working my job—doing databases, computer, website stuff—but I had never accumulated enough capital to actually get started. And I kept thinking that lack of capital was stopping me from starting my investing business, which prevented me from being able to start helping people get their homes sold. I kept wanting to be in the business but I kept thinking that I didn’t have any way to do it.

… until in the summer of 2013 when I finally realized that, “Wait a minute. There’s this thing called ‘lease option’ or ‘lease purchase’ that a person could do without having a huge amount of money to get going.”

So I went online and started buying books on lease options. And after reading a couple of books I realized that real estate educators do not put the full story…they don’t give you all the information…in a $12 book. Even though I read a few books I had not yet figured everything out. And I didn’t have the contracts I needed to do lease purchase.

So I started investing in home study courses. Courses cost much more than books, but when you buy a home study course, you’ve got 15 CDs of training, plus a 200 page manual and the contracts! Now I had what I needed to get going.

I studied primarily Wendy Patton, John Burley and Ron LeGrand. These are my main teachers about lease purchase.

My Mentors

Now I not only have a background of studying real estate in general, but I have become an expert, a specialist in lease purchase (AKA lease option) and I’m so happy to be able to help you out of your situation.

How I can help you with your house

Now that I’m a lease option expert, here’s why I can easily buy houses quickly. For one thing, I’ve learned how (and I’ve got the paperwork to do it) to take over your payments, so that within a month or two after we sign the agreement, you will not be paying your mortgage anymore—I will. In this scenario, even though I am not yet taking title to your house and actually buying it, but I take over responsibility for the payments and all repairs. And I find a tenant buyer to live in the house who makes payments to me which covers my outgoing payment to you (or your mortgage company).

Or if you prefer: another way lease purchase helps is that I can just lease your house. My lease payment covers your mortgage payments.  You retain title to the house and the mortgage stays in your name and I “lease purchase” it.  I’m lease purchasing it from you with the right to sub-lease it to a family who wants to live in a beautiful home in a nice neighborhood, but who can’t go get qualified for a traditional bank loan right now because of an issue with their credit. Because their credit is not yet strong enough to get the loan approved. They need a few years to get their credit repaired, get their credit improved enough to get financing.

Or, if you own your home free and clear, with no mortgage (and there is something like 34% of houses in the US are free and clear)… then I can contract with you to start making you a monthly payment and take possession of your house and then sublease it to a tenant buyer, for a period of years, which allows them the opportunity to get their credit improved to the point that they can actually go out and get financing (and buy the home outright in their own name).

If you own a home in Northern Virginia and would like to discuss these possibilities, I’d love to talk to you. Call 703-745-0021 (24 hour info line) or write me at Michael@EZ2Sell1.com.